Sicufix is our wide range of wheel bolts & nuts for cars and vans. These can be used as spare parts and as fasteners for aftermarket wheels (also with spacers). Furthermore, we can produce parts on demand, according to the hardness and to the coating film.
All bolts and nuts are produced with OEM technology, process and controls (car makers requirements).

Technical features:

  • – produced by cold forging
  • – available in hardness class 10.9 (bolts) and 10 class (nuts)
  • – Zinc coat according to the OEM requirements
  • – Black coat resistant to acid wheels cleaner
  • – the sealing treatment prevents the bolt from locking into place
  • available in silver and black!
  1. hardened and tempered steel
  2. thread rolling after heat treatment to guarantee the best tightness and safety
  3. sealing treatment for better screwing/unscrewing
  4. precise seat for a balanced distribution of the clamping force and a perfect fit of the fastener and wheel
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